I truly love living downtown. Like many, I feel enriched by the historic architecture with classic buildings standing tall on every block. They feel significant and important with ornate brickwork and carvings that reveal

a bygone era of style and craftsmanship.


I also appreciate old postcards which highlight these prominent structures. It's almost mind boggling to see the size and grandeur of buildings that served Omaha a century ago. Some true gems have survived while many others have been razed and are mostly forgotten.


I decided to take photographs that celebrate this brick-and-mortar history. Photos in the galleries show me holding postcards from my collection in front of each structure as it now stands, trying to match the postcard view as closely as possible. The results range from surprising to mundane but each building deserves consideration for the part it's played in the lives of many generations.

                                                                                    – STEVE RAGLIN

© 2018 Photography by Steve Raglin